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Welcome to USP Partner

The following information provides users with information regarding the nature, scope and purposes of the collection and use of personal data by the responsible provider USP Partner AG | Seestrasse 93 | 8800 Thalwil on the website represented by

Smartbridge AG
Europa Strasse 19
CH-8152 Glattbrugg

Data Protection Officer:

Dominik Nyffenegger


Dealing with personal data

Personal data are information with the help of which a person can be identified, i.e. information that can be traced back to a person. This includes the name, email address or telephone number. But also, data about interests, hobbies, memberships, etc. belong to personal data. He is aware that he can refuse consent or revoke it at any time in the future.

Personal data will only be collected, used and passed on by the provider if this is permitted by law and is required within the scope of employment. We use personal information for a variety of legitimate interests, including providing and improving services, managing our relationship with you and our business, and exercising our rights and obligations. The personal data collected by USP are stored on a server in Germany. The acquisition serves the purpose of supplementing an employee base. As soon as the purpose of the storage expires, these will be deleted, unless a legal provision prohibits this.

Revocation, amendments, corrections and updates

The user has the right, upon request and free of charge, to obtain information about the personal data stored about him. In addition, the user has the right to have incorrect data corrected, his personal data blocked and deleted, unless there is legal obligation to retain such data.

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